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Pet CBD 

We Are Veterinarians, and We Care About Your Pet’s Health

Two of our founders are licensed veterinarians who practice medicine and surgery. We want to help as many pets as we can, and we want to work together with your veterinarian to provide optimal care for your pet. We have found several Pet CBD companies misinforming pet owners about the risks and benefits of CBD for dogs and cats, and as veterinarians and pet owners ourselves, this alarms us. As with anything that enters your pet’s body, there could be interactions. Just because something is natural, does not mean it is benign. Your veterinarian may recommend a follow-up after starting CBD Vet Products to ensure adequate dosing, efficacy, and may recommend bloodwork or other monitoring for your pet’s condition.

We recommend consulting with your veterinarian before starting any pet CBD product, as well as following up regularly based on their recommendations.


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veterinarian approved CBD

created by veterinarians with your pet’s specific needs in mind

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Meet our team




Dr. Kyra Marsigliano, known as Dr. M or Dr. “Mars” to her patients and their owners, is a practicing veterinarian in Jacksonville, FL. She is a graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her clinical interests include preventive medicine, animal behavior, pain management, and geriatric medicine.

Kyra initially approached CBD with a skeptical mindset, wondering if its emergence as an apparent panacea was all due to the placebo effect. After reading some of the abundant literature and attending professional conferences, she learned there was an entire receptor system in the animal body, the endocannabinoid system, which was not covered in school, and yet had connections to nearly every other body system that was. Learning about CBD and its ability to interact with so many body systems in various ways was eye-opening, and the role the endocannabinoid system plays in regulating so many components of health only underscored for Kyra the importance of providing a consistent, beneficial, and trusted product for pets.

Vet school imparts graduates with the understanding that their learning is never complete. Kyra is currently completing a Master’s degree in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics through the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy. When she completes this program next year, she expects to be the first veterinarian to also hold a graduate degree in cannabis science. She brings this technical knowledge to CBD Vet Products and looks forward to the innovations we will be developing in the near future.

She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Florida Veterinary Medical Association, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and is the current President of the Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society.


Co-Founder and CEO

DR. katherine GREEN

Dr. Katie Green is a practicing veterinarian in Jacksonville, FL. She is a graduate of Ross University, School of Veterinary Medicine. Her special interests include hospice and end-of-life care, as well as soft tissue surgery and dentistry.

Katie was first exposed to CBD while working with hospice patients. She found that there were many products available but that it was very difficult to distinguish high-quality products from junk. After meeting Kenny by chance at a hospice appointment for his mom’s dog Chalupa, they got to talking about how veterinarians should be more involved in CBD products for pets. Not long after that CBD Vet Products was born.

Dr. Green is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Associate, Florida Veterinary Medical Association, American Laser Study Club, and is Chairman of the Board of the Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society.

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Co-Founder | COO

Kenneth Smith

Kenny was born and raised in Florida and grew up with his mother, sister, and his four-legged family members. From dogs and cats, to iguanas, mice, and everything in between, Kenny has always had a passion for animals.

In 2016 Kenny had the opportunity to work on a cannabis farm in California, learning the ins and outs of the healing properties of medical cannabis. After moving back to Florida to be with family, Kenny realized how the health of a family dog, Chalupa, was failing. Kenny began spending more time with Chalupa and the seed was planted for CBD Vet Products.

Where are CBD Vet Products' made?

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SimpliSolve is manufactured in Florida with human-grade ingredients and equipment in a facility that is F D A compliant and follows c G M P regulations. Our CBD-rich broad-spectrum hemp is extracted in Colorado at a laboratory with state-of-the-art proprietary processing techniques developed by organic chemists and cannabis plant scientists.


How can CBD Vet Products benefit my pet?

Because of CBD’s ability to directly trigger receptors in many body systems, and its additional ability to enhance the effects and availability of other naturally occurring molecules in the body, CBD can have a lot of benefits. Pet owners who use our CBD Vet Products use it for all the things that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) supports: behavioral support and normal neurologic function, modulation of the inflammatory system, even occasional discomfort and stress. The most surprising benefits come when pet owners didn’t know their pet’s ECS had deficits, and then see behavioral changes and improvements to their pet’s quality of life they hadn’t noticed were suboptimal.

the dog who inspired it all

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Every brand has a “why,” but for CBD Vet Products team, it all began with a “who.” That “who” was Chalupa, a former bait dog who had been rescued by a loving family, but his old age and early days of mistreatment were catching up on him. At 16 years old, his joints were stiff, he was often confused and nervous and had difficulty calming down especially at night. Chalupa’s human, Kenny, was desperate to find something to improve his quality of life. Kenny joined two veterinarians, Katie and Kyra, to form CBD Vet Products, and thanks to their efforts, Chalupa was able to live for another year in comfort and peace.


Our company and products have developed along with the science over the past few years, but Chalupa’s spirit lives on to guide all we do. As animal lovers, we continue to be inspired by Chalupa and the countless other pets who have touched our lives and whom our products have touched. It is for them that we hold CBD Vet Products to the highest standards.


trust and transparency

Two of our core business values, trust and transparency. We are here to be a resource for you and your veterinarian to work together to optimize your pet’s wellbeing.

We follow the highest standards. There currently is no regulatory body for the CBD industry. We have joined the National Animal Supplement Council, which works closely with the F D A, and follow their recommendations. Our sheets are produced in a factory here in Florida that is F D A compliant, uses human-grade ingredients and equipment, and follows cGMP regulations. We are leading the way for a safer, more accountable industry, in order to provide safer and more effective CBD products for your pets.

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we are Eco-Friendly with Compostable Packaging

We strive to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable packaging, which is compostable or recyclable and sustainably sourced.

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