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simplisolve technology

Our unique flagship product, SimpliSolve dissolving CBD sheets, provides the benefits of CBD with effectiveness and ease of administration that will have you ditching CBD oil and chews as quickly as these sheets dissolve in your pet’s mouth.


With patented Excelisorb technology, the sheets are absorbed directly from the lining of your pet’s mouth and into their bloodstream. Through this transmucosal route, there is faster and greater absorption of the beneficial molecules. In contrast, when CBD is given orally such as in a chew or oil, a large portion of the CBD is metabolized and discarded by the body before it has a chance to be absorbed and utilized. And because absorption is significantly slower with those other products, it can take hours before pets see benefits, compared to SimpliSolve.


A final benefit of our SimpliSolve’s unique delivery system is that pets can’t spit it out and they don’t have to willingly take it -- although most pets come running when they hear the cassette open and smell the sheets’ delicious chicken flavor. For pets feeling poorly and not wanting to eat, owners need only lift their lip and stick the sheet on a pink surface (mucous membrane) like the gums or inner cheek. The sheet dissolves in seconds, before even the pickiest pet can refuse. If only giving everything to your pet was this simple!

Aside from the unique product itself, our founders bring their extensive knowledge of the hemp plant, veterinary medicine, and the endocannabinoid system. No other company brings this combination and level of expertise to the industry, which explains why there is no product quite like what CBD Vet Products has to offer.


Of course, there is no greater explanation than experience. Place your order and let us show you the difference with SimpliSolve by CBD Vet Products.

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struggling with your dog?

is he refusing CBD Chews or CBD Oil?

with Smiplisolve say goodbye to:

  • Messy Oils

  • Stinky Chews

  • Counting Drops

  • Guessing Games with Online Products

  • Worrying About Their Safety

SimpliSolve CBD sheets use patented Excelasorb Technology to allow your pet to absorb CBD quickly and easily through their gums.

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